Top 5 Most Popular Cocktails

Top 5 Most Popular Cocktails

A quick look at the top 5 most popular cocktails at Brennan’s Bar and a look at how we make them!

By Owain Brennan

At Brennan’s Bar we now serve over 15 cocktails with categories including, fizz cocktails combining prosecco with a series of spirits and more for those cl;assy people that want a little bit more (all only £5 each every friday by the way!), Whiskey cocktails for that whiskey connoisseur that likes to experiment with their drinks, classic cocktails for those who know what they are looking for in a great night out and finally a rotating list of seasonal cocktails including Christmas, Summer and spooky Halloween specials!

But the question we always get at the bar when people can’t decide what they want is “What is your most popular?” so here it is! in this list we will be telling you our 5 most popular cocktails and afterwards you will be able to see why they are so popular.


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5. God Father 

As with many cocktails the origin of this one’s name is uncertain, although what is certain is where it got it’s name from and why it is so popular. As many will remember this was the cocktail of choice for Mario Puzo in the film The GodFather and since then this cocktail has become legendary.

Maybe the reason why this cocktail is so loved by an Italian mobster is that it uses the famous Italian Spirit Amaretto, this is combined in our case with Johnnie Walker Black label and served in an Old Fashioned glass with a bit of ice for the perfect Old Fashioned serve.

Some like this drink longer with a splash of coke which also takes away a bit of the harshness but each to their own!


  • 25ml Amaretto
  • 25ml Scotch
  • Ice
  • (Optional Splash of Coke)
Johnnie walker black godfather cocktail

4. Unicorn Fizz

Definitely our most Legendary cocktail to date, this cocktail has been popular since our opening night and even before then when it was raved about in Teesside Lives new article (here). 

The magic really comes alive in this cocktail in both colour and style, this cocktail starts with a handful of candyfloss to fill a Champagne Flute, Italian Prosecco is then poured over the Candyfloss to dissolve it in a magical fashion, we then add a few drops of b’Lure Colour Change Butterfly Pea Flower Concentrate to add more magical colour and taste, lastly this is all topped off with another heap of candy floss to satisfy that sweet tooth. 



  • Fill Champagne Flute with Candy Floss
  • Pour over Italian Prosecco
  • 2 drops of b’Lure Colour Change Butterfly Pea Flower Concentrate
  • Topped off with more Candyfloss
Unicorn Fizz Wine Cocktail at Brennan's Bar Stockton On Tees

3. Old Fashioned

It is called Old Fashioned for a reason! One of the first cocktails to ever be created, the first documentation for this cocktail was said to be at the Pendennis Club in 1881 in Louisville, Kentucky. Although this cocktail is thought to be first made as early as 1833!

A very traditional cocktail crafting method, this cocktail is made in a large mixing glass, first you add a sugar cube topped with a small amount of water and 2-3 dashes of bitters (Agostura Bitters are the choice for many) you then curch the sugar cube until it dissolves completely in the liquid. You then fill your mixing glass with ice while also adding Ice to your serving Old Fashioned glass add your Bourbon (Buffalo Trace is our prefrence). Gently stir the contents to combine the flavours for 1-2 mins. Strain your mixing glass into the serving glass, express the oils of an orange peel on top and around the glass and drop it in for good luck!

Not the shortest cocktail process around but it does make one hell of a good cocktail!



  • Add 1 sugar cube to mixing glass
  • Add a small amount of water
  • Add 2 – 3 dashes of Agostura Bitters
  • Crush Sugar cube until it dissolves
  • Add ice to mixing glass and serving glass
  • Add 50ml Buffalo Trace Bourbon
  • Stir for 1-2 mins
  • Strain mixing glass into serving glass
  • Express orange peel oils over and around the glass, drop in the orange peel
Old Fashioned cocktail at Brennan's Bar

2. Raspberry & Ginger Mojito

A summer and taste filled take on the classic Cuban cocktail that you all know and love. This sweet and delicious cocktail is sure to refreshen and satisfy you with 2 variations of Bacardi rum!

This is a  new cocktail at Brennan’s Bar which has quickly gained popularity as one of our most popular cocktails, and you will see why.

This cocktail starts by grabbing your mojito glass and adding 3 slices of lime, 5 mint leaves and a bit of sugar syrup and muddling them all together to express all of their flavours into the drink. You then add 25ml of Bacardi Raspberry and 25ml of Bacardi Ginger then give is a small stir to combine the flavours. Now fill the glass with ice and top the drink up with apple juice. Give the drink a final stir of around 30 secs to get the flavour right the way through. Finally garish with some mintand Raspberry and enjoy!

We know we will be making up a whole load of these all summer and we know that you will too!



  • Add 3 Lime slices to mojito glass
  • Add 5 mint leaves
  • Add Sugar Syrup
  • Muddle everything in the glass
  • Add 25ml of Raspberry Bacardi
  • Add 25 ml Ginger Bacardi
  • Stir the drink
  • Fill the glass with ice
  • Top the drink up with Apple Juice
  • Stir for 30 seconds
  • Garnish with mint leaves and Raspberry
Raspberry and ginger Mojito at Brennan's Bar

1. Pornstar Martini

As it is in most bars our most popular cocktail of this year has been the Pornstar Martini which comes to no surprise! Especially when your Pornstar martinis are as good as ours.

The Pornstar martini was first made in London in 1999 by a guy called Douglas Ankrah for Lab Bar and since then has flown into superstardom in the cocktail world!

This cocktail is made using a cocktail shaker, at Brennan’s Bar we opt for a Boston Shaker costisiting of 2 tin cups 1 smaller, 1 larger. Fill the larger cup with ice and then add 25ml Finlandia Vodka, 25ml Passoa, 25ml Passion fruit Puree and 25ml Passion fruit juice. Also, add a quick squirt of lemon juice for some more flavour and finally a few drops of vanilla syrup for that extra sweet taste. now put your shaker together and shake for around 15 seconds for a good foam on top. Now double strain into a martini glass to get rid of any crushed ice which may have broken apart when shaking, top with half a passion fruit and serve with a shot of prosecco, enjoy!

a relativley simple cocktail which if you haven’t tried is sure to blow you away.

If you are more of a whiskey fan try our Rockstar martini made with 8O8 Scotch whiskey instead, which delivers the same amazing taste with that whiskey bite that you are looking for.



  • Add ice to cocktail Shaker
  • Add 25ml Finlandia Vodka 
  • Add 25ml Passoa
  • Add 25ml passion fruit puree
  • Add 25ml passion fruit juice
  • Add a squirt of lemon juice
  • Add a few drops of vanilla syrup
  • Shake for 15 seconds
  • Double strain into martini glass
  • Garnish with half a passion fruit
  • Serve with a shot of prosseco
808 Scotch Whiskey

So there you have it all of our most popular cocktails, share your pictures with when you decide to make one to be featured on our social media! 

If you can’t be bothered to make any you can always come and see us at Brennan’s Bar – Stockton On Tees and we will make them all for you!

Also if you love cocktails checkout our new online store (here!) for cocktail glasses and tools!

See you soon. 

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