The History of Bourbon

The History of Bourbon

Learn all about the history of the great American Whiskey known as Bourbon, where did Bourbon come from and why is it so great?

By Owain Brennan

One of the drinks we are most proud of at Brennan’s Bar is Bourbon, the great American whiskey. Bourbon has had a great history and has been through alot to become the spirit of America and beloved by millions around the world. 

To tell you the history of bourbon we have created this handy infographic going all the way back to 1783 to show you where bourbon really came from.

An infographic about the history of bourbon

1783 – First Commercial Distillery in Kentucky –  Evan Williams becomes the first licenced bourbon distilleries

1821 – Bourbon is advertised for the first time – The Western Citizen Newspaper in Paris, Kentucky advertises bourbon

1840 – Officially “Bourbon”  – Bourbon is officially named Bourbon for the first time in history 

1920 – 1933 – U.S Prohibition – The U.S shuts down the alcohol business making distilleries go underground and produce bourbon illegally

964 – “America’s Native Spirit” – Bourbon is named the native spirit of America 


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Checkout our post next week to learn about how bourbon is made and what the real differnces between bourbon and whisky are.


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