New Game of Thrones Whiskey from Johnnie Walker!

New Game Of Thrones Whiskey by Johnnie Walker!

A song of Ice and Fire whiskey collection coming to stroes soon by Johnniw walker inspired by Game Of Thrones

By Owain Brennan

Following Johnnie Walkers origional Game of Thrones release ” White Walker” Released earlier his year in the UK in airports aswell as in ASDA Stores (still available in some) they have come out with a new selection which is following a similar theme!


Here is what the White Walker bottle released earlier this year looks like:


Johnnie Walker White Walker Whiskey

The new collection will be called a Song of Ice & a Song of Fire which true Game Of Thrones fans will recognize instantly!

A song of Ice will be a blended scotch inspired by the house Stark aswell as the Direwolf sigil which they are known for.

This blend of whiskey will come from the Clynelish distillery, the blend is descired as having a “crisp, clean taste” with a “green and grassy” flavour and notes of “vanilla and tropical fruit”. This sounds about right to us for a whiskey inspired by the Starks!  

The Song of Ice Whiskey will be bottled at 40.2% abv, it is also said to be best served over ice… much like the White Walker blend.

On the other hand Johnnie Walker a song of Fire is inspired by the three dragons commanded by Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grenn Grass, Breaker of Chains and mother of Dragons. (Please don’t order the drink like this, we have other customers to serve!)

This whiskey contains peated malt whiskey from the Caol Ila Distillery, the blend is said to feature “subtle smoke tempered by a rich, round sweetness” and is bottled at 40.8% abv. Again I think they have the taste exactly on the money for this Dragon themed Drink! 

The “White Walker whiskey from Johnnie walker had a very unique bottle in the fact that when you put it in the freezer it changed to have “Winter is Coming” written on the side aswell as as few snow flakes appearing, the question is: Will this be the same with the new bottles? Will we have a similar change with freezing with a Song of Ice and a new affect when the bottle is warmed with a song of fire??

Chckout the bottle designs here:



Johnnie Walker a song of Ice and Fire Whiskey

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Which Bottle will you be going for, a Song of Ice or a Song of Fire?

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