Live Music At Brennan’s Bar!

Live Music At Brennan's Bar

Live Music is coming to Brennan’s Bar! first with a few gigs and with Open Mic nights to come!

By Owain Brennan

Yes you heard it right Brennan’s Bar are happy to announce that we will be presenting a number of live acts at our venue as well as hopefully being able to run an on going Open Mic night to allow upcoming artists or experienced artists looking for an outlet a chance to show us all what they have got!

We feel the magic which used to be the Stockton music scene has declined over the years although has been kept alive by some amazing venues in the town such as Storytellers(, Hope and Union(, The Arc and many more! We wish to add to this scene and help to bring the creative magic back to Stockton Town.

Over the coming years it is a real goal of ours to aid in returning Stockton back to it’s former musical glory, this will of course be helped by the opening of the Globe theater (eventually), and more businesses joining the cause the better!

Our first act in helping this scene is by hosting a gig by The New Echoes! A new Acoustic Dou made of highly experience artists covering songs by bands such as: Oasis, Plup, The Jam, The Beatles and much more. Come down on Friday 8th March from 9.30PM to see the band live, we will bring the drinks!

The New Echoes at Brennan's Bar Live Music Poster

Keep an eye out on our social media and our website for more upcoming music and Brennan’s Bar News!

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