Brennan’s Bar Open Mic Nights

Local live Teesside music, drinks and cheese

Local live Teesside based music, drinks and cheese, what else could you want on a Sunday evening? 

By Owain Brennan

May 12th 2019, Brennan’s Bar held it’s first official Open Mic night and it went down a treat! So much so that we are delighted to say we will carry on doing them every second Sunday of every month in the oncoming future, so don’t worry you haven’t missed out yet.

Our host for this amazing night was the truly talented Blues style playing a singer and songwriter Jake T D Wright. He kept the event going all night long with some spectacular blues and rock covers as well as song original songs which you can check out on the sound cloud here:

Here is a bit of Jake on the night:

Of course, being an Open Mic in Stockton meant that we also had a whole lot of other talents down too including the fantastic singer Em Warnock who did a few covers of songs by Billie Eilish and Amy Winehouse. Next was Simon from The New Echoes who gave us a few original songs as well as some covers by Oasis, The Jam and more, and finally, Frederick Branson and Tim (whose last name I, unfortunately, did not catch) who gave us some more outstanding blues covers and out of this world guitar playing. 

The talent which was on display on the night cannot be described you will just have to come by next time and see for yourself!

And don’t worry, we will have a whole load of drinks and food for you to enjoy on the night with including our amazing Cheeseboards or a handcrafted cocktail from our new cocktail menu which you can check out now here: 

As well as our newly arrived stock of craft ales from the Bad Co Brewery which includes the Milkshake IPA, Boston Tea Party, DIPA 2, Wild Gravity and the Dry Hopped Hefeweizen.

Bad Co Brewey Craft Ale Range at Brennan's Bar Stockton On Tees

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