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The History of Stockton On Tees The journey from the humble market town overlooked by an ancient castle to the city that built the world with Steel. By Owain Brennan Stockton on Tees has a history dating back before the 1600s to the times of ancient castles and markets. Stockton has always been one of the largest markets in England. Displayed to this day by having the widest high street in England.Stockton has had it’s ups and downs and we have created this handy infographic to walk you through some of what we think are the highlights of its history
The History of Tequila Featued Image
The History of Tequila Tequila is loved by millions around the world, but how did this ancient drink come to be, who made it first and what is the history of Tequila? By Owain Brennan Tequila is one of the most popular drinks in the world and is widely associated with a quick shot or a cocktail ingredient, but it is much more than that!At Brennan’s Bar, we make sure we can let you know all about the drinks we serve and respect the history behind them and no other drink has a history quite as ancient as tequila. Come
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The history of bourbon american whiskey
The History of Bourbon Learn all about the history of the great American Whiskey known as Bourbon, where did Bourbon come from and why is it so great? By Owain Brennan One of the drinks we are most proud of at Brennan’s Bar is Bourbon, the great American whiskey. Bourbon has had a great history and has been through alot to become the spirit of America and beloved by millions around the world. To tell you the history of bourbon we have created this handy infographic going all the way back to 1783 to show you where bourbon really came from.
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Top 5 most popular Cocktails list at Brennan's Bar Stockton On Tees
Top 5 Most Popular Cocktails A quick look at the top 5 most popular cocktails at Brennan’s Bar and a look at how we make them! By Owain Brennan At Brennan’s Bar we now serve over 15 cocktails with categories including, fizz cocktails combining prosecco with a series of spirits and more for those cl;assy people that want a little bit more (all only £5 each every friday by the way!), Whiskey cocktails for that whiskey connoisseur that likes to experiment with their drinks, classic cocktails for those who know what they are looking for in a great night out
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Beer on tap at brennans bar blog post
On Tap At Brennan's Bar Learn all about what is currently on tap at Brennan’s Bar from Lager to Ale to Stout to Cider we have you sorted! By Owain Brennan The Taps at Brennan’s Bar are constantly changing so that they never get old and we always try and put on what ever you want so be sure to reccomend what you want to see and we will try out hardest to get it in! Currently that Bar has 4 Taps which we try to keep vaired so that we can satisfy you all the best we can. So without
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New Game Of Thrones Whiskey by Johnnie Walker! A song of Ice and Fire whiskey collection coming to stroes soon by Johnniw walker inspired by Game Of Thrones By Owain Brennan Following Johnnie Walkers origional Game of Thrones release ” White Walker” Released earlier his year in the UK in airports aswell as in ASDA Stores (still available in some) they have come out with a new selection which is following a similar theme! Here is what the White Walker bottle released earlier this year looks like:  The new collection will be called a Song of Ice & a Song of
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Whiskey and beer blog post brennans bar
Boilermaker of the month June 2019 Glenlivet 12 Year Old and Bad co DIPA 2, a subtle fruit taste goes a long way… By Owain Brennan We have decided to start a list of boilermakers which we enjoy and will he releasing them weekly every Wednesday!If you dont know a boilermaker is a type of cocktail that is simply a beer with a whiskey which goes well with it.It’s believed the drink takes its name from the workers who built and maintained steam locomotives in the 1800s. These workers were known to head to the bar at the end of
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online store blog
Brennan's Online Store The online store is live and growing by the day, Check it out now! By Owain Brennan We are excited to announce that we have been working on an online store for you all! This means that you will be able to buy a selection of Whiskey & Wine themed products and much more for your self or as a present!Our online system uses Stripe which is 100% secure way of purchasing online so you know it is all safe!But it is not only products that you can buy from our online store you can also buy
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Local live Teesside music, drinks and cheese Local live Teesside based music, drinks and cheese, what else could you want on a Sunday evening?  By Owain Brennan May 12th 2019, Brennan’s Bar held it’s first official Open Mic night and it went down a treat! So much so that we are delighted to say we will carry on doing them every second Sunday of every month in the oncoming future, so don’t worry you haven’t missed out yet.Our host for this amazing night was the truly talented Blues style playing a singer and songwriter Jake T D Wright. He kept
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A Walkthrough Brennan's Bar's New Cocktail Menu In this post we will show you our new cocktail menu and walk you through the new cocktails and talk about some of our classics too By Owain Brennan Last month we introduced our new Cocktail menu which we have been very excited about. The aim of this cocktail menu was to create a more set structure to our cocktail delivery rather than the ever changing menu we offered prior. This is cocktail menu was designed as a collaboration between our selves and Bacardi Spirits. This why the new menu features the Bacardi logo
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St.Patrick's Day and Brennan's Bar in Stockton Blog Post
St.Patrick's Day at Brennan's Bar What is going on at Brennan’s Bar in 2019? Drink specials, Freebies, music and more! By Owain Brennan It is St. Patrick’s day this Sunday! Yes that is everyone’s favorite time of the year for drinks, music and the Isle of green that we love so much. But where should you celebrate it? Brennan’s Bar of course, we don’t have the Irish name for nothing. We hope to blast you out of the water this St. Patrick’s day as much as we can, check out the handy list below to see what you can expect throughout
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Live Music At Brennan's Bar Live Music is coming to Brennan’s Bar! first with a few gigs and with Open Mic nights to come! By Owain Brennan Yes you heard it right Brennan’s Bar are happy to announce that we will be presenting a number of live acts at our venue as well as hopefully being able to run an on going Open Mic night to allow upcoming artists or experienced artists looking for an outlet a chance to show us all what they have got!We feel the magic which used to be the Stockton music scene has declined over
What Is Burns Night? Why Should I Be Drinking Scotch? What exactly is special about 25th January and why is drinking Scotch so special on this day? By Owain Brennan Burns night, which is occasionally known as Robert Burns Day, is a celebration of the life of the poet (yes you guessed it) Robert Burns. And who exactly is Robert Burns? Well Robert Burns is a Scottish Poet who was born on the 25th Of January 1759 and died 21st July 1796. He was famous for writing many famous poems such as “Scots Wha Hae” which served for a long time
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Proper Number 12 Irish Whiskey blog post featured image
Proper Number 12, What is it and how rich will it make Conor McGregor? In this post we will discuss Conor McGregor’s new Irish Whiskey saying what it is and most important of all when can you get it for Brennan’s Bar? By Owain Brennan As a lot of people saw Conor McGregor launched his own Irish Whiskey brand ‘Proper Number 12’ back in September during the UFC 229 fight press conference. Although the question stands, what actually is it?, Why was it made? and When can you try it? and Actually how much money is it going to make
10 Best Christmas Presents under £10 for People who love Drinking We will be sure to find that perfect gift for the perfect someone.  By Owain Brennan Are you starting to look at Christmas presents for that special binge drinker in your life? Haven’t found anything yet?Everything too expensive?Good job you found your way here because we are here to fix all of your problems with a list of the very best presents for all those who like the special, quirky or hilarious drinking presents available for not too bad a price!Number 1.Beer Can Handle – £3.90 ($5)Every can should be
Cheese Board guide Banner AD
CheeseBoard Guide! Cheeseboards are now a staple of the Brennan’s Bar night and in this post, we will be teaching you how to make your very own with style, taste, and variety! Step 1: Choose your board First, you must choose what you will be serving on. While a plate is all well and good for a quick cheese binge, to really show class go a step further, and it really makes the difference! For this area you really have 3 main choices: Slate Board – A slate board is a very stylish choice and definitely looks the part for
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back of the bar featuring Scotch whiskey, bourbon, Irish, Japanese, gin, rum vodka, cocktails and fruit
Hello everyone! Welcome to Brennan’s Bars’ very first blog post The point of this blog is to bring you the most up to date news on the bar, local Teesside bar news and the latest news on Whiskey, Wine, cheese, chocolate and anything else we think you will all love! We will also be holding interviews with professionals in the business such as distillery staff, brand ambassadors and a whole load more. Make sure you keep an eye on this area for special offers and events which will be coming to Brennan’s Bar too. If you have any suggestions please
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